Family rides and Intermediate rides such as St. Elmo, Wellsville, Little Rainbow Trail, etc.  $90 per rider up to 6 total.  Includes front suspension mountain bike, shuttle, helmet, snack, water bottle, and guide.

Large Group Rides:  This is for groups of 13-50 and more.  Call us 719-539-9295.

High Alpine Singletrack rides:  $200 first rider and $100 each additional rider up to 6 total.  Includes shuttle, helmet, lunch, water bottle, and guide.  Bike not included but full suspension mountain bike highly recommended.

Salida Historic tours:  $60 per person up to 6 total.  Includes town bike or cruiser, helmet,  snack, water bottle, and guide.

Vapor Trail 125 3-day weekend.  $500 per person limited to 10 total.  August 2-4 2013.  Includes shuttles to and from start and end points for each day, water bottles, guides, and more.  Bike not included.

Leadville Trail 100 Training days:  Options 1&2 $350 first rider $100 each additional rider up to 4 total.  Option 3 $600 first rider and $100 for the second rider limit 2.  Includes shuttle from Salida if needed and a 10+ LT100 finisher as your guide.  Bike not included.

Prices quoted above do not include gratuities. If you have a great time, please consider letting your guide know accordingly.

Rental and Demo Bike Rates

  • Mountain bikes with front suspension- $40-$60 per day.  Specialized, Kona, and Yeti.
  • Full suspension mountain bikes- $60-$70 per day.  Specialized, Kona, Yeti, and Trek.
  • Demo full suspension mountain bikes- $70-$90 per day.  Carbon Specialized, and carbon Yeti.

Researching your next sweet bike?  Two days of bike rental fees can be applied towards your purchase of a bike from Absolute Bikes!  Demo it on the Crest and you’ll know if you like it or not.

Alpine Tunnel



To book a trip with us, please Contact Us with your group size, dates and the type of ride you’d like to do. Call us Toll Free at – 719-539-9295 or send us an email.

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