Leadville Mountain Bike Race Training Rides


Want to train for the Leadville Mountain Bike Race with an experienced race finisher?
How about 20+ Time Race Finisher Shawn Gillis?

Call us to discuss our Leadville Race training rides and how we can help you complete the race successfully or achieve your fastest time ever! We’ll teach you the ins and outs of the course, where to rest, where to dig deep, where the aid stations will be, and how to finish this demanding race.  These training rides are for the first time Leadville rider or for experienced Leadville riders who want to finish with a faster time and win a bigger belt buckle. By riding with a guide you will spend your time riding and forming your race strategy – not getting lost.

We will stick to a schedule with specific details to help riders prepare for the annual August race. We will start these rides early, both to simulate the actual race start and to complete our ride before the afternoon thunderstorms common in the high country.  All Leadville Training Rides are dependent on weather. If you book a ride and it’s canceled due to weather, we will reschedule you.  Safety is our first priority and lightning is always an issue in the high country during the summer.

Your guide will help you prepare for strenuous but successful high country riding, and you will be given a mandatory and recommended list of items to pack when you book any of these guided training rides.

We offer two training options to get you ready for Leadville 100, riding half the course for the day of training. 

Each day is $500 flat rate for 1-4 people (so grab your best training buddies!)

The course is typically ready to start riding early June. Email info@absolutebikesadventures.com to schedule your training ride!

Leadville to the Pipeline Aid Station and Back

The first individual training ride option is Leadville to Pipeline Aid Station and Back, roughly 56 miles covering the initial sections of the course which wind through Saint Kevin’s climb, Sugarloaf and the Powerline. We will turn around at the Pipeline Aid Station and power up the infamous Powerline climb, back through St. Kevins and  finish the ride on the Boulevard back to downtown Leadville.

Twin Lakes Dam to Columbine Mine, then out to Pipeline Aid Station and back to Twin Lakes Dam

We start this day with the hard part first.  We park at the Twin Lakes Dam Aid Station location.  Ride out the course to the top Columbine Mine Aid Station.  Turn around head back to our parking spot.  Top off our hydration packs and then ride the course in it’s return direction to the Pipeline Aid Station.  Turn around and back to Twin Lakes.  This way we give ourselves the best chance of beating the thunderstorms up at the Columbine Mine turn around and provide a midway refueling point for the days ride.  The climbing to almost 13,000 feet is the important part of this one.