Midland Railroad Trail – Rails to Trails Mountain Biking

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Railroads crisscrossed this entire area at the height of the gold rush, before the invention of cars and highways. Today those old railroad beds have been transformed into some of the most enjoyable mountain bike trails around. The Midland Trail is a classic rails to trail route linking several portions of purpose built singletrack that are perfect for the intermediate rider. Sometimes fast and flowy, sometimes twisty and chunky, always fun AND the views of the Collegiate Peaks cannot be beat!

Whether we start with a technical climbing section or from the more mellow railroad grade, we always ride the Midland Trail out and back. You know that that means?! Downhill finish! Plus, riding it out and back allows us to turn around at any point when the group gets tired.

Want to know more? Give us a call or shoot us an email and we will line you out on the perfect ride for your group!

Miles: 10-16 (or less)

Duration:  2-3 hours plus 30 minute shuttle each way

Difficulty: Intermediate – a few steep climbs and technical sections

Trails: Dirt Road and Singletrack

Rates: $125 per person.  Includes: front suspension mountain bike; guide; shuttle; snack; and water bottle. (Two person minimum. Solo riders $60 up-charge)

Midland Railroad Trail