Full Moon Monarch Crest Rides


Ever think about riding the Monarch Crest Trail at night?  Well this is your chance.  This is like no other ride we offer.  It can be cold, scary, quite, filled with laughter, and magical.  There is one catch, you have to have your own lighting system with a minimum burn time of 4 hours, and a back up lighting system such as a headlamp or flashlight.  Yes, it is a full moon and on the Monarch Crest up above treeline you might not need your lights, but in the trees you will want to see where you are going.

You must be an advanced rider – night time riding totally changes the difficulty of riding the Monarch Crest.

(Scroll through the calendar below to find the listed dates and select the one you’d like to join us for.)

Miles: 39

Duration:  5-7 hours

Difficulty: Advanced – night time, narrow single-track, technical sections, high altitude climbing

Trails: Jeep roads, ridiculously good single-track, pavement cruising back to town.

Rates: $100 per person.  Includes: guide; shuttle; and water bottle. Remember – you provide your own lights and your bike! (Two person minimum. Solo riders $60 up-charge.)

Full Moon Monarch Crest Rides